Shadow Of Victory

Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday March 13th;Update

I have struggled to get on to the blog for a few days...I seem to have less time than before having been ill and then away for weekend but I have a relatively free couple of days so hope to update and move on.

I thought to update on the boundaries I set myself after the week of prayer and fasting at end of the hope you will rejoice with me where I am doing well and then hopefully pray for the areas where there hasnt been signifcant changes.

My bible study is doing has been a sustained time of reading and enjoying scripture...possibly the longest unbroken time for many a year...laying aside fiction reading and telly watching has also been significantly less....I think I said I could read 2 -3 books a week..well I am only on my 3rd novel in 9 weeks.!! We also made the decision to get rid of our SKY I probably only watch a couple of programmes now.I have also succeeded in walking our dog almost daily...and boy is he looking quite svelt...he was about 5 kilos overweight but I reckon he has lost it...and is enjoying a new lease of life...

I am praying daily for my children...especially for Catriona....and also for Chris...but wish I could find more time to actually pray WITH them rather than just for them....and bedtimes....usually well before midnight...but I do sometimes still read till fact last night both Chris and I were still reading at 1am.!! we must both have been at a good bit in the book.....Finally...I still struggle with healthy eating and confess to feeling a mixture of guilt and anger as well as despair...I think this is one of my "thorns" to be unpacked at a later time in my journey here on the blog.

I am so enjoying being involved with both Exposition ...the writers group within church which is beginning to stretch and challenge me in my writing....and to mix with others and share in what they are writing is a huge privilege......and also with the Inspire mentoring ministry. I have been meeting with my mentor every couple of weeks and together we have been looking at our lives and reading through the book...about Martha and Mary.....It is hard to put into words how valuable I have found this mentoring ....Just to have someone willing to care for pray for me support encourage challenge listen to a very special gift......

I will close here and hope to blog tomorrow and continue on my "rollercoaster" ride. Are you still hanging in there with me....or have you jumped off when it slowed down....keep me company otherwise the thrill isnt the same ..LOL...


Anonymous said...

still with you...keep going lovely lady love lucyxxx

sandra said...

still here Irene and really enjoying sharing your journey.

You have inspired me to continue writing too but not yet brave enough to publish it on a blog!!

Love you lots
you are amazing keep loving yourself

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to your blog! Be encouraged - your honesty with your own self and with God will be rewarded, no matter how exposed and vulnerable you may feel now. I pray for you on your journey, that the Holy Spirit will be a healing force in your life, pouring a balm on the raw wounds you may feel you have ripped open. God knows - he was there - and He is with you now as you root through all the rubbish to find the jewels of His love, His grace, His peace and His mercy. God bless you Irene as much as you are blessing me.

Lots of love,
Geri xxx

Sandra in Bonnie Scotland said...

I'm still here too my special and brave friend! Never always know what words I can leave for you, but it won't be long before we'll see each other and I can give you a huge hug! Glad Oskar's enjoying his walks and looking trimmer - keep it up! Lotsa love, Sandra xxx