Shadow Of Victory

Saturday, 10 October 2009

October 10th Replenishment Strategy part 2 Chris is away I seem to be on a bit of a roll with the blog so will just keep on going till I run out of stuff to say..or you all just shut me down.!As I said in last entry about a "replenishment strategy " reading good Christian books was one of the things I planned to do and that I had quite a few books that either I hadn't actually read or that hadn't kept my attention I decided to give one book a try. In fact I am not even sure the book belongs to me so if it is yours please let me know so I can eventually return it.

Its by Beth Moore....and its called "Get out of that pit"

I began to read it today and already I am half way through and so far I am enthralled by her perceptiveness.Do you sometimes read a book and wonder if the author actually knows you or has heard about your life or experiences..well this book is a bit like that.What I really like about her is she talks "straight" fancy words or dressing things up..she calls it as she sees it and doesn't take prisoners.Already I can feel God beginning to replenish me and bring me up out of the wee pit I seemed to have fallen into recently.

Another way of replenishment is to be careful who I spend my time with.....and today I spent a couple of hours with F.R....F is relatively new in my life having only known her for a couple of years...but she is someone who takes me "up in her lift" she is an authentic friend who shares deeply..yet is fun and ordinary..not at all super spiritual but often will just pop something out that will make me stop and think.This afternoon we enjoyed a wee walk with our two dogs and just shared about how the Willow Creek conference had affected us...and what we were doing and how we were doing...we had some tea..grapes and chocolate and looked at a couple of scriptures that God had brought alive to us individually and we explored what "bright spots" we had experienced in last few weeks even though both of us had struggled a little over the summer.F also felt God had given her a "word" for me in that He was taking me to the Promised over next few days I am going to think that through and ask God what He means about that.

I am so aware that some of my friends are going through some tough times and if I am to be any good to them and for them as a friend I need to be filled up...otherwise I will be no use to them either as a support or an encouragement.Today for the first time in a few days I somehow or other feel filled up...getting back to the bible...reading a Christian book...getting out into the fresh air and having a walk ...and lets face it Oskar and Sadie are enough to make even the most depressed and empty person smile as they are just gorgeous pooches....and then just spending an hour or so relaxing and chatting about how we are "in God"...isn't that a good way to be replenished?

To keep you in the picture..the washing machine is still weight hasn't miraculously gone....I still don't have anything to wear for this jolly wedding...we are still broke and in debt....the IVA is 2 years away from daughter and her hubby are still not experiencing a miracle...2-3 of my buddies are going through incredibly painful situations...I still have to get up tomorrow and serve in car park as team is yet again short....Chris is still away till Monday...I am still on my own for the weekend..but you know what...

God is good..all the time.


Sue said...

Love you so much Irene!

I wasn't going to go to church today, but having read this I think I will try to go and hopefully get replenished!

Val Cottee said...

Irene, I feel I need to apologise to you for not reading your blog before. I tell myself that I don't have time for blogs but manage to do what I really want to do. However, I feel that I am the loser, and reading some of your incredibly open sharing has forced me to look again at my own priorities.
How deceptive appearances can be. On the outside looking in I would have said that you are more settled and have more friends now than ever before, in our long history of knowing one another. In fact I have had some sneaky envious thoughts that you are living out your passion whereas I seem to have my fingers in many pies but serve most of the time without the passion I once knew.
You know that I have always said you are a great communicator and your blog has not only been beneficial to you but to other readers also you may be sure. Oh how we need to be real but time and place can prohibit openess.
I am always drawn to your pretty face and lovely smile and had not noticed the weight going on. You need accountability and support in keeping to a reasonable diet and exercise as it is obviously troubling you deeply. Could you not get one of the many seamstresses in the church to make you something simple and floaty for the wedding. I have many overweight friends who look fantastic in flowing garments. It reminds me of the garments of praise!!
All of us are hit by rogue waves from time to time but it seems that Jesus would want to address the "many things" as he did that day at Bethany in the home of Martha. "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" is an extraordinarily good read.
Well my friend be assured that you bless us so much in the gracious way you "do" car parking and count me in if you ever have another get together.
Sorry this is lengthy, all I need to have said is "I love you" and if ever I can help I'm here!
We love your family as well. Praying for you all that you will continue to know in reality that God is good all the time.
Val C xx