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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

February 4th. A Single Step

My beautiful daughter gave me a small gift tile for my birthday and written on it is the phrase...."The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step." For some reason this is resonating with me as I look at it sitting on my kitchen work surface.I have realised that we are all on "a journey" and they all begin with "a single step."

I think back on the journey I have been on for the last 25 years....

Christianity for me began with a single acceptance of an invitation to a guest meeting at church.
Salvation for me began with a single awareness of what Christ had done for me on the cross.
Repentance for me began with a single acknowledgement of my sin.
Changing my character from "one degree of glory to another " began with a single step ......baptism in the spirit.
Growing in God for me began with a single step....reading the bible.
Community for me began with a single step....joining a life group..(or housegroups as they were known then ).
Healing for me began with a single step......admitting I was hurting.
Prayer for me began with a single step.....a desperate plea..."God me.!"

All of these steps are part of a journey I am still on. I have not reached my destination although there have been times I have felt as if I HAVE arrived.! (foolish me). I wonder at times if I hadnt taken so many detours and dead ends would I be slightly closer to my destination? I wonder at times if I have been on the wrong road completely and I know for sure there have been times when I have simply pulled off into a layby and waited for the AA to arrive.

BUT...I am still moving...sometimes feeling like I am on my spiritual hands and knees..sometimes feeling like I am a sprinter...sometimes feeling like I am tied to someone else being dragged along in a three legged race..sometimes I even think I am in some kind of sack race ...but HEY...get me...I am still moving!!! The journey we are all on is like that old film."Around the world in 80 days" all with the same aim but going about it in different ways.

As I have begun this year I believe I am on an exciting lap of my journey. There is a buzz in my spirit and a hope in my heart that this year I will make good mileage on my journey. I am continuing to take "single steps" but they seem much more measured as if I know where they will lead and I have a renewed energy to keep moving one foot ahead of the other. I have some insight in where I am heading ....what destination I am hoping to make....and if I am brave enough and daring enough and confident enough I will blog about it later this week.

Having a destination planned can be scary.....My middle son always had big dreams .....from a very young child...he was going to play drums in a rock band ....he was going to travel all round the world....he was going to Thailand...he was going to live in an igloo.....he was going to all the rock concerts in Britain.....he was going to travel........he was going to drive an open top car.....

He made us smile with his enthusiasm but if honest I would say that deep inside I had doubts....Now years and years later he has accomplished some of those dreams by taking a single at a time...He spoke out his "destinations" and never worried or thought about what we would think...he didnt care if we believed him or not...with a childlike faith he determined to follow his dreams.

So this year..I have a destination in my heart...I am taking single steps in the hope that each one will lead me ever closer to where I am hoping to go. It feels scary for me to share my dreams and destination as I am aware you may have doubts in the same way I had with our son. Will I achieve what I am hoping for?...will I get to where I am aiming for?...I dont know for sure ...but I do know that if I take one single step at a time I will be moving towards the destination. I am hoping and praying that you will come with me...journey alongside me...tie yourself to my leg in some jolly three legged attempt or even jump into my sack.!!! Or better still share your dreams and destinations with me and we can walk together .

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Ruthie said...

I literally used the words 'a step forward' today in a draft email. God is certainly doing something in & with us.

I'm looking forward to us continuing our journey together this year....step by step....helping one another along the way.

Thank you for your honesty...

Lots of love to you.