Shadow Of Victory

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

February 11th Boundaries Update

I am truly humbled by the response I have had to my blogging...Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails and comments especially those of you who are finding life tough at the moment. My prayer for you all is that the words I write will bring hope and encouragement to you on your own journey.

I have given a lot of thought to where I am going with the blog and over the next few months I am aiming to focus on different aspects of my journey . I will list these in my next blog entry but wanted first to give you an update on the "Boundaries " that I had set myself a couple of weeks ago. My thanks again to friends who are holding me accountable.!!

On the subject of accountability can I encourage everyone to have someone they can share life with...over the years whenever I have had this kind of relationship I can look back and see that these have been the seasons when I have grown the most.Last night I spent some time with my Mentor and she simply asked me a couple of questions about how busy I had been in my role at church and suggested that I ensure I didnt keep up the pace as I would burn out. This is accountability in relationship for which I am truly grateful as it tells me that someone cares enough about me to speak into my life. am I doing with my goals...

1)Reading the bible in a far I am up to date... I am following the "chronological" bible which sets it all into a kind of story and I am finding it really well set out and almost like a novel.!!
2)Reading fiction....I am amazed to realise that I havent read much at all...I started a novel about 11 days ago and still only about one third through..this is a massive change for me.
3)Praying for/with hubby...I have always prayed "for " Chris but not too often "with", I have long wanted that wonderful kind of marriage where the husband and wife have daily devotions and pray together for know that kind of marriage that you just KNOW everyone else has except you (!)Well...I am just so encouraged that I have actually prayed WITH Chris several times in last few days and I know it has brought us closer together so will keep pressing on with this.
4)Pray for our children...I have taken to doing this as I walk the dog...if you see me walking a large black Labrador round the back area of The Pines School ball in hand and muttering then just say "Amen" I walk past.!!
5)Telly...This is similiar to the fiction reading..I am amazed at how the pull of telly seems to have diminished...the prayer and fasting time obviously has broken something in me.
6)Walking above...wave as you see me walk past....the snow kept me in a for a few days but delighted to be back out with him.
7)Eat sensibly...Alas....I am a dismal failure so far..One of the topics I will be looking at in later blog entries will be the whole subject of my battle re my weight and eating.
8)Bed times..I can put my hand on my heart and say quite honestly I have been in bed before midnight every night ..albeit sometimes at the stroke of midnight...but yippee I did it and I will continue to press through on this.
9)Write daily....The writers group Exposition is growing and we have assignments each month which is presenting me with opportunites to write and also to look at each members projects.For January we all had to write up an "observation" and some of these will be posted on the Exposition blog on church website have a look and see what you think of all our projects. For February we have to take characters from two of the observations and link them together in a spin off story.I also write a completely seperate blog for a Debt Forum and this has kept me busy over the last 8months. Writing The Shadow of Victory is presenting me with fresh challenges as I seek to be as honest and open as I can. Several people have said "you are very brave" and I wonder if I can be "too brave"??..I just know that so many people are living with pain in their lives and believe they are alone and are frightened to share their doubts ,pain and heartache if my "bravery" means that one person will be able to lay aside their mask and say..."yes thats me" then I will continue to "be brave"

So...this is me..up to date with how I am doing..keep walking with me on this journey as I focus in on different aspects of the path I have walked and the path I am on at this time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Irene,
You are doing an amazing job of being honest and taking masks down which is a great encouragement to all who are reading your blog. I do believe you are being "brave" but also I believe God has a great purpose in your obedience to do this.
With your gift of words and communication too we will all be changed by your encouragement and honesty.
Well done my friend..
Iris x

Lucy said...

You are an amazing lady ...and a great encouragement
lots a love xxx