Shadow Of Victory

Friday, 24 April 2009

April 24th Strength Finders

I had planned to begin to write about my brothers but its been a tough few days with all that is happening in seemingly every area of my life...Chris is away a lot with new work situation and even when home he is stressed and pre-occupied and its oh so weird having him upstairs working in our study....and the situation with Cat and Nick is taking some major emotional adjustment..and all around that is the ordinary everyday living to be going on with.

One of my boundaries that I put into place in January was to limit my reading of fiction and this has been major source of strength for me as I have delved into the "word" and several other books have been of interest. One such book is by Marcus Buckingham...Strength be recommended....and I am extremely interested to discover my 5 main of which is COMMUNICATION...let me share with you some of the descriptions of this and let me know if you think it is true of me.!!!

"you like to speak in public...and to write.!!...and so you turn events into stories and practice telling want your information to ..survive want to divert peoples attention to you and then capture it and lock it in. are driven to find the perfect phrase....and are drawn towards dramatic words and powerful word combinations....this is why people like to listen to you....your word pictures pique their interest ...sharpen their world and inspire them to act.."

With sharing this blog and also being a part of the Unique Ministry's ...Exposition group...I seem to be living out this "strength" and altho I risk repeating myself."writing is my best chance at happiness" and so I will continue to write.

I did for a couple of days wonder if I could rise above the heart ache and continue to share my life here...but I still feel that God wants me to do this and so I will carry on..please hang around and keep me company...the adventure is all the better for living it out with friends.

I have also pretty much decided not to go into detail re Cat and Nick....they have their own journey to walk...their own story to tell and altho I will be with them every step of the way it would be wrong of me to uncover them too much in this blog. Maybe one day they will share their own story in a similar way ....all I may at times ask is for you to love them and encourage and support them in as best a way as you can and continue to believe and ask for a miracle.

Our Willow creek adventure continues...we are still believing God to provide all the finances and are amazed at the generosity shown to us as gifts have been given. We are so grateful for a community that shows love in a very practical way.

Let me leave you with this from 2 Thessalonians ch 2
"May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope...encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good word and deed."


Craig Mackay said...

Hi Irene....we haven't seen each other for a long time....but I want to thank you for your consistent encouragement to Karena and I in these difficult times....your feedback comments on my blog are always so helpful and it genuinly feels like you're in the fight with us - so thank you so much!
I know that we all have different battles to face in our short times here... and knowing that dear friends are genuinly alongside you-praying, crying, hoping, caring - and being reminded of the grace of God, His mercy and the centrality of the cross of Christ in the midst of it all - is just what we need !
So thanks so much for your love and support.
Love to you and yours....

Sandra in Bonnie Scotland said...

Hi my friend....just to let you know I'm still here and very much "hanging around and keeping you company" ... lotsa love x