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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesday 27th january ....Prayer and Fasting

Our church has called a time of Prayer and Fasting and I believe it is a timely thing for me. I have never completed any sustained fasting and in previous seasons I have fasted one meal or fasted a TV programme. This time I have set myself to do a 3 day fast and also to fast from all TV and fiction. I love my telly....I love my novels...I watch all CSI and NCIS and Waking the Dead type of programme and I read 1-2 novels a this is a real test for me. Why am I doing this you may it a bit extreme? why not just one day fast ?or just telly and not books too?

The answer lies within me.....I need God to intervene in my life..I need God to speak to me..I need to read the word to move me forward...I need to give serious time and consideration to the condition of my soul and spirit. Many circumstances seem to have come together at this time to confirm that it is time to do some serious business with

. My work commitments mean I have two days clear
.I have entered into a mentoring relationship through the Inspire ministry (check out website link to Kerith Community Church)
.Its the beginning of a new year...always a good time to start afresh
.I have joined Exposition which is a writing group (check out link to Kerith Community Church)
.I have started this blog and taken the risk of losing my mask and being vulnerable.

I will be spending a considerable chunk of my time looking at scripture...reading a couple of great books..listening to worship cds..walking the pooch..and blogging.!! I will keep the entries short and sharp in the hope you may walk alongside me. I know it wont be fact I believe I will find it extremely difficult and knowing myself well I wonder if I will manage to complete the fasting. I value your prayers and if you want to leave a comment on blog or email me ..please do....and I hope to see some of you at the prayer meetings each evening. You will recognise me..I will be the one sagging in the corner with a bottle of water and a desperate look in my eye and asking everyone and anyone if they have seen CSI and what happened to Grissom?!
Journey with me so I dont get lonely.

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