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Thursday, 22 January 2009

All Change...already!!

Please dont adjust your are in the right place but I have changed the template of the blog...those of you who know me well..(who shall remain nameless) will know how much I like order and neatness. Although the first template was lovely it lacked lines and boxes and bits to hold things in(!) was a wee bit spread out with no borders.

I know some of you will already be thinking..."what is this woman on" and believe me I ask myself this again and again...but I look at the new template and I sigh with satisfaction.Lines...boxes....lists.....all looking neat and contained.

I wonder if others like lines and order and neatness...or is it just me??? today I cleared out some cupboards dumping some old paperwork and out of date bumph and finished feeling amazingly pleased with myself. I love to achieve order and take delight in re-arranging "stuff".

The Christian life can be a bit like that for me...I know there are times I need to re-order my "inside" life. I believe this year I will be making some major adjustments to that part of me....I believe it will be a life changing one for me as I set out to bring some "order" to my spirit . I sense that there is some spiritual clutter that needs to be gone through and sorted out and maybe thrown away. A bit like the things I discarded from my cupboards today..out of longer any use...taking up valuable space...

I am looking forward to some much needed de-cluttering within my much needed order. Psalm 139 finishes by saying."see if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting"..and this is what I am praying that God would do in me in these coming days.
Come walk with me.......


Anonymous said...

In our Life Group this week the ice breaker was 'what is the most useless thing in your house and why is it still there? And you can't say your husband!' Only one person in the group said that actually, she was very good about not letting clutter gather, but threw things out. Most of us said we were keeping something because it was a gift from someone and we didn't want to throw it away in case they noticed.
It is so easy to do the same thing with our lives, holding on to things because we think others need us to, or we are afraid of what we will do without them, even though they can be damaging to us. In my own life I am starting ton (or, to be more honest, trying to) shed things that I've needed in the past but don't any more. As my children grow and start becoming more independent, I still feel a need to do things for them and make sure they are ok and be involved in every little aspect of their life. Roles I have moved on from in church I still feel a need to check up on and make sure they are still being done. I have so many new things that God is doing in my life at the moment that I really don't need to be holding onto this old stuff as well!
Know that you are not alone in this Irene - I will be with you in spirit as I try to declutter my own life!
Geri xx

Ruthie said...

Go Girl! Straight lines, boxes....lovely jubbly! :0)