Shadow Of Victory

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hello world

Wow ....I have a blog...what an excitement! I wonder who will come visit with me as I journey through life.

The senior pastor of my church Simon Benham has been encouraging everyone to be honest ,be vulnerable, to drop the "yes. I am fine thanks" response to the question.."how are you??"

Perhaps as I share my walk with God,my day to day life,my mountain tops and my will identify with me and we can share a moment of friendship.

For too many years I have at times hidden behind a mask....the mask that says ..."everything is okay"....and my prayer is that I would grow ever more free to just be ME. This is scary is all too easy to hide behind masks....for those who are old enough to remember an old Beatles song...Eleanor of the lines says that "she keeps her face in a jar by the door...who is it for??"...perhaps you know what I mean when I say that behind closed doors I am often a different person to the one I show the world.

I wrote a poem recently and one line says...."who do you see when you look at me? the outside me or the inside me?"...well my hope is that with this blog you will see who I am...and perhaps you will allow me to peek into your life too. So keep me company on this adventure,you are all welcome.


Jacqui W-G said...

Hi Irene. What a beautiful blog for a beautiful person. So glad that I could just come alongside you and encourage you to open your heart and share your world online. I hope many others get to walk with you and learn from your wisdom. Go for it girl. Jacqui xx

Caroline said...

Hi Irene, Thanks so much for inviting me to read your blog, I loved it! Its a challenge to be ourselves sometimes but great when we know we are loved and accepted by friends. I am already enjoying our mentoring journey as we look at God's word together. Keep writing lovely friend, Caroline xx

krystyna said...

what a challenging invitation, Irene; warm and honest at the same time. But then; this is what you are like.
Hope to grow with you.

Cat said...

My dearest mummy...what an excitement....your first entry an encouragement...looking forward to the reading you lots...your

Chris M said...

Well who knows you may well turn all this into a book! Share how you battled to overcome the dreaded technology (computer)and get to where you are now and what you plan for the future.
Good on you for persevering and achieving all this. You are an amazingly creative person with great ideas and great zeal to get other people to 'catch your vision' for those ideas.

Anonymous said...

The Shadow of Victory - how encouraging and positive! A reminder that victory is always there, but sometimes we don't see it. I hope I can learn by your example to 'take off my mask' more as well. I look forward to knowing you better!