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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursday 21st January F is for Faith

F is for Faith and with each day that passes this week I find I am growing in Faith...God has been very evidently with me each day as friends have gathered here to pray for Cat and Nick and each evening as we have gathered as a community. There is something about the
"two or three gathered in my name..there I will be also "
that builds faith into our spirits and certainly for me I have felt Gods spirit do a new work in me.

I have run out of thank you words for those of you who have taken time out to stand with me " in the gap " for my daughter...I so appreciate you all...this morning I was pretty certain I would be on my own and had just sat down with the candles lit and the bible open and the doorbell went..followed twice more so we were four today .We did business!! We found a well known passage...Romans CH 8 but read it from The Message version and boy did that sound different so we ran with it and prayed through it. Gods word is like a double edged sword !!

Each day we have met we have also included everyones children and for me to be able to pray for so many peoples children has also given me much joy. Our children are all so very precious and as mums we feel every one of their hurts and want to hold them close....that's fine when they are 5 or 6 years old but when they are adults who have made mistakes or have a deep need it is much harder to hold them close and sometimes the only way to do it is to pray.

This evening the worship again focus-ed on the words
"the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me "
And once more we prayed for that power to release us from sin...from things that have held us captive for years and we spoke out words of faith. I spent a fair bit of time praying about my food addiction and asking God for that same power to not only live in me but to bring me complete freedom.Over the week as I have fasted I have felt a measure of release from addiction and in faith I am believing that God is doing a new work in this area.

As an aside ...for the first time that I can remember the meeting was attended by ALL the Elders and at one point Ben asked them to come to the front and to pray/ they spoke I felt a real sense of holiness in the words they spoke. They spoke out big things for us as a community and as individuals and looking at them I knew that God had called them into a team for "such a time as this"..As they stood they probably weren't aware that they represented a powerful body of men and that for me they inspired immense trust to follow them and to take their words and direction into my spirit. I feel a sense of privilege in being a part of a community led by such a Godly group of guys.

I am still writing in my journal on a daily basis all that I am thinking through and praying through this week and once I make sense of it I may blog a bit more. I keep on saying that "writing is my best chance of happiness" and for me to write helps me process it all . So many times I have heard God speak or show me something and I haven't kept a note of it and then lose out on the ability to work and pray it through.Even as I type this my memory is in overdrive lest I forget ...but I guess I must rely on God to bring to remembrance that which He wants me to understand.

F is for Finally.....I would love to hear how this week has been for you ..whether you have fasted or prayed or not...My prayer is that God will keep on filling you with His Holy Spirit on a day by day basis as you live out your lives in the light of His holiness.

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