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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday 30th January F is for Fifty Five..

F is for Fifty Five.....Today is my birthday and I am fifty five years old.! Surely not my "inside me " cries ...where did the last 30 years go? My body is feeling the advance of age but my mind..thoughts..heart and spirit are still playing catch up and in fact may never catch up as I intend to grow younger from now on. My gorgeous hubby tells me I am now in my mid fifties (!)and as he is rapidly approaching sixty I feel quietly confident he will always be older than me !!

As the years have swiftly whizzed by I find the actual day of the birthday can just drift by and not stand out from any other day but today has been a
"stand out"
day in many ways.....each small event bringing me much joy and a sense of being cossetted and loved and special. The day began ...

Hug from hubby and a whisper of "happy birthday babe " ( still a babe at 55 ..cant be bad )
Extra hour in bed to just snooze again...
Cup of tea in bed ...
Visit from number two son and girlfriend bearing flowers and perfume and cards.. (those of you who know number two son will know just how much that is a blessing !! and something very special )
Cards and flowers...( love tulips )
Tickets to see The Sound of Music...(yiipppeeeee )
Friend bearing Starbucks and pain au chocolat ( oh she may never know how that reached deep into my soul and made tender the sore bits )
Time spent with women sharing what a privilege )
Hospitality showered upon us over lunch...( cant express how that hour was so precious )
Fish and chips with my man...( we love Wetherspoons..I am such a cheap date )
Cinema..Book of Eli...thought provoking and poignant...
Facebook greetings from so many friends...
Looking forward to my family all sharing time and space as we lunch together tomorrow....(this is a gift in itself and I know deep gratitude that we can be together )

Birthdays....there have been so many of them and so few which are
"stand out " days...but today this day of reaching my mid fifties has been such a day...I am increasingly aware I have so much to be thankful for and for today I am just that...thankful.

Hebrews ch 12 v 28 says this

Therefore , since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken,let us be thankful,and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe .

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Geri said...

My deepest wish is to become younger as I get older, and I realise that is a choice I need to make for myself. Thank you for being such a good example and inspiration for me!! Love you lots my friend - glad you had a good day and that I could share in some of it with you. xx