Shadow Of Victory

Monday, 11 May 2009

Monday 11th May.. Last Look

I wanted to leave you all with a photograph of my brother Robert...but had to wait till Chris got home from Milan...I am sooooooo not a techie.!!!

Anyway...I hope this last glimpse of Robert will leave you with joy in your spirit.It was taken professionally by the drama club as part of their publicity for a play called The which Robert had a good part. This picture was displayed in the foyer of the theatre in Edinburgh and was also used in the newspaper as his obituary photo as it was the most recent and decent we had of him.

Robert was far more than this photo and far more than my blog entries...he was amazing and I loved him.....and miss him still.


Sandra in Bonnie Scotland said...

Thank you my

sandra said...

Wow...I'm not quite sure what to say because these last few entries have just gripped me. Your ability to share such memories is a true gift and one you are blessing many with.
It's a privilege to share your journey
Thankyou Irene love you loads