Shadow Of Victory

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


 My goodness long has it been since I was last blogging and posting ....way too long !!

So much happened and its going to be almost impossible to get all of my life written down and in some order yet as I have always used the quote......


so ...bear with me as I attempt to bring the last year and half to life and hopefully you will join me in the ongoing online journey that I began all those years ago....Please feel free to sign up and get by email and / or follow me ...or even ignore me ....I will send this out to the  friends that were on the initial email list and again please feel free to sign off...just let me know.... but I am hoping some of you may walk alongside me as I live The Shadow of Victory.

I have titled this entry ...SAIL ON SILVER GIRL.....  ( chorus line from Bridge Over Troubled Waters )  and will just let you read this short blog post to start it off again after so long and explain why this song has such value and its meaning for me .

All music and songs generally bring to mind a memory...everyone can identify a particular time or season in their life where a song and its lyrics have impacted us at that time and continues to evoke the same emotions even when some decades ago . I have always thought that we have ANTHEMS that define us in ways that are often difficult to explain and recently I have found one song that has been a part of my life for decades and only recently resurfaced .

Simon and Garfunkels iconic song....Bridge Over Troubled Waters never ages and still is sung and played all over the world.....most of you will know I have a hearing impairment and listening to radios or CDs etc can be hard for me to make out individual words and phrases and has led over the years to many a laugh as I sing along with great gusto ...enjoying what I think is being sung and then some kind person will point out that  I am singing the wrong Deckers song about The Israelites.,..I continue to sing...."" Wake up for breakfast ...baked beans for breakfast "" and if anyone knows the correct words please tell me !!!

For decades I have thought that the chorus line in BOTW ....played out like this

Sail on silver girl....sail on by ... your time has come shine....all your dreams are all memories....see how they shine .....

Bet you are singing along in your mind .....did you spot my decades old  mistake ??

It is of course the following and feel free to join me in a wee sing song

Sail on silver girl...sail on by....your time has come ...all your dreams ARE ON THEIR WAY...see how they shine.....

At this present moment in my life it seems as if the chance to " sail on silver girl " may be a little hard for me to understand as the dreams I had for this season in my life didn't include cancer  !!  but I am endeavouring to sing these words into my spirit on a day by day basis...believing that

  "  Your (my ) time has come shine..."

and I am holding fast to the words

 " all your  ( my ) dreams are on their way....see how they shine  "

In my minds eye and in my heart ..soul and spirit I can see the dreams shining and as best I can I plan to

 Sail on Silver Girl

I hope you will join me on the journey

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