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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

10,000 REASONS

Post Christmas Lethargy....

I always seem to have a dip in energy levels after the festive season. I guess it is the lack of routine,the excitement of family and friends gatherings,the presents,the travelling, the lack of sleep,the socialising. My usual routine and planned time goes out the window along with any semblance of spiritual life!!

I always go into December saying that I wont allow myself to run dry.Yet each year I get to January and realise that my bible has cobwebs and my prayer tank is running on fumes. More so this January as I am also a student again with essays and assignments and no spare days and to top it all off I am moving house in 9 days time.

This morning life resumed its normality with everyone back at work and Elisha coming back to Granny and to be honest I really didn't want to get up...get on..or even get dressed. I felt incredibly lethargic and even Elisha failed to lift my spirits as we shared our boiled eggs and began our day.

I headed off to the supermarket as fridge and cupboards were empty so we had a pretty boring morning ahead and I slotted a new CD in car CD player.This is by Matt Redman and track 4 is a song called 10,000 Reasons which we have been singing at church this last wee while.As I have been serving in Konstruction Krew each Sunday I haven't been in a worship time for quite some weeks so I only vaguely know the words.

Let me share some of them with you......

The sun comes up its a new day dawning, Its time to sing your song again.
Whatever may pass,and whatever lies before me..Let me be singing when the evening comes.
You are rich in love and you are slow to anger,your name is great and your heart is kind.
For all your goodness,I will keep on singing,Ten thousand reasons for my heart to sing.

I sat for about ten minutes just listening to the words on repeat and I truly felt as if God himself had reached down and touched my empty heart and filled me again with his spirit. It has reminded me of a season I was in years ago with my Dorset Buddy....we used to meet to pray together each week and although we had a prayer list it always seemed as if we got snagged at the "thanking " stage and at times we never got to our "shopping list" we just spent time thanking God for his goodness and for all we had.

I recognise that there are seasons in my spiritual life and this morning as I was reminded of that time years ago I felt a whisper from God just inviting me back into a time of "worship". There is another verse in the song which says this....

And on that day when my strength is failing,the end draws near and time has come,
Still my soul will sing your praise unending,Ten thousand years and forevermore.

I have spent time today just thinking through these words and determining in my spirit to move into a season of thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for and my desire is to know the truth of this song in my everyday life more and more...that as each new day dawns and no matter what happens I will lift my song to my Saviour.

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