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Sunday, 30 September 2012


This blog post is slightly off centre of Granny's Gap year but still highly relevant. I am just home from the evening meeting at church and my mind is just buzzing with the words..."Inspiring a Generation "

Yvonne Scott our Children's Pastor has kinda nicked the phrase from the Olympics and we are using it at Team time and reminding ourselves that what we do on Sundays mornings with the Inspiring Generations for Christ .

This morning at both the 9am and the 11am meeting after the fun of gunging a leader and games playing we moved into the teaching time and the leader suggested the children pray and ask God to speak to bless forgive them....Altho at both meetings the children responded in a very positive way it was at the 11am meeting  I saw and experienced something I had never seen before .!!

The Leader asked the children to lay down on the floor and close their eyes and "talk " to ask for the Holy Spirit to come to them and bless them ....I sat at the back of the hall and watched as a hush fell....I guess there was probably around 60 children and the floor was covered ...I couldn't see an inch of space and you could have heard a pin drop....The Leader prayed....and within about 2 mins I could sense God was moving....I began to weep....It felt as if a Holy Presence had flowed in and was hovering over the children and I was being included....I just sat there and watched the children.

Some of these children come from broken-ness...some from painful lives...some maybe bullied...some just needing a touch of Gods love....Many come from happy families yet they too were reaching out to and experiencing a Holy Moment.....I truly felt that as a church we ARE Inspiring a Generation for Christ.

Then this evening....I was dog tired....I slept for 2 hours after I got home at 1pm...I was wiped out...then we had our grandson and his parents over and our son ...( missed you Limara ) for fabby Sunday Roast at 6pm  but I really wanted to get to church as I knew we had a visiting speaker and it was Baptisms... So off I went...arriving late but just in time to join in a new song which just lifted me back into Gods presence.

We baptised 6..(or was it 7) young teenagers who all shared their stories of how God had called them into a relationship with Him through Jesus....I knew then that our church were Inspiring this Generation too.!!

Finally....I was reminded on the way home that our youth Pastor...Liam...spoke weeks ago about being a church where the old...the middle aged...the youth and the kids would all love and care for each other in every way we could ...He prayed that there would be NO Generation Gap....and we would Inspire all ages...

Today....I believe I lived it ...breathed it...experienced it...and for me I was truly Inspired for Christ in a new and precious way.

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Anonymous said...

Love this!!!! I love that my son was involved in you guys inspiring him. I love that we are raising our kids as a community rather than just me and Dave on our own. I am so proud of the kids work at our church - of people like yourself and Yvonne who give up so much to pour into our kids.

Amazing :)