Shadow Of Victory

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

August 18th p.s. to last posting

Today I had a look at one of JWGs blogs and want to use a quote from it as she sums up in one sentence how I feel about learning new things. Have a look at her latest blog in which she is describing her experience of learning BSL...British Sign Language...

The comment she wrote was this

"When you are a confident and successful learner you have no idea of the emotions that those who struggle to learn feel "

Hope you are all thinking about your "ruts" and making a move to the horizon.

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Caroline said...

oh, and meant to say... I don't like that analogy of the trench, and ruts.
Because 'being in the trenches...' evokes images of those that 'went over the top'... and got blasted, aka KILLED for it. So, not a very encouraging type of image at all!

I know what he's trying to say but it's just not the best o' them. I know the idea is to beat your fears, just go on out there and the edge of that 'trench' is really NOT your horizon... blabla... but I personally just can't shift the image of all the troops charging over the top. BAM! Daft eh? So, an unfortunate connection there I think.